Pain UK is an alliance of charities providing a voice for people in pain

We were founded in November 2011. Since then, our membership base has grown rapidly and we now support charities dealing with all manner of painful conditions, from head to toe.

We're here to help the
0 million people
in the UK who live with pain

Charity Commission Statement

16th November 2019

The trustees of Pain UK welcome the Charity Commission statement that: 

“It is reassuring to us, and will be reassuring to the charity’s beneficiaries that the trustees were able to demonstrate that the charity is not being misused”.  

The trustees welcome and are implementing the Charity Commission advice

Call to Action

The NHS faces a difficult economic future with a focus on delivering patient centered care. The Health Minister tells us that there is currently a shortfall in the number of GP’s that is needed to deliver patient care.

Pain UK have produced a call to action document that outlines the burden of chronic pain to the NHS, society and people living with chronic pain

For People in Pain

Pain UK operates to make a significant difference for people living with pain whether that is through the support of our member charities or directly.

We are a young, ambitious and dedicated charity that have set out to achieve great things. We welcome those who want to support us along the way in doing so.

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For Pain Charities

We offer training and support to the member charities, many of which are run by ‘expert patients’ and may not have access to advice on issues like lobbying, fundraising, profile raising and reaching out to young people.

We also offer membership opportunities to individuals, professionals and corporates.

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Meet the Pain UK Management Team

Antony | Chair

Antony has ultimate responsibility for the management and direction of Pain UK

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Marian Nicholson
Marian | Trustee

Extensive experience working within the healthcare and charity sectors

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Nicki | Treasurer & Trustee

Nicki Campbell is treasurer, as well as one of the trustees of Pain UK

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