Affa Sair

Affa Sair is a Scottish-based charity set up to help people in chronic pain and became a charity in 2019. The term “Affa Sair” is Scots for “Awfully Sore”.

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Chronic Pain affects over 1 million individuals in Scotland but also has a huge effect on the sufferer’s family and friends. Current records have over 19,000 sufferers in Moray alone. Truly endless pain also affects the patient’s mental health through isolation and feelings of hopelessness. Chronic pain is defined as pain which last longer than 3 months or longer than would normally be expected after trauma or surgery. Chronic Pain is known as an invisible condition as frequently there is no outward physical sign of the pain the patient feels over all their body and this leads to the severity of the pain being denied by others.

Affa Sair tries to help the sufferers by allowing them to share their experiences and advising them on the latest research and resources available. We have a very busy closed Facebook group available to members only, a free monthly newsletter for subscribers and an information packed website at We currently have 740 members.

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