Examining the use of cannabinoids to treat pain

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The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) has examined all the evidence for and against the use of cannabinoid medicines for the treatment of pain. In major report, reviewing 56 papers, some of which were themselves reviews, they came to the conclusion that there is insufficient evidence to suggest that using cannabinoids for pain is helpful.  

Pain UK: For People in Pain

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Pain UK operates to make a significant difference for people living with pain whether that is through the support of our member charities or directly. We are a young, ambitious and dedicated charity that have set out to achieve great things. We welcome those who want to support us along the way in doing so. Get help and support …

Call to Action

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The NHS faces a difficult economic future with a focus on delivering patient centered care. The Health Minister tells us that there is currently a shortfall in the number of GP’s that is needed to deliver patient care. Pain UK have produced a call to action document that outlines the burden of chronic pain to the NHS, society and people …

NICE Draft Consultation on Chronic Pain

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5th August 2020 Pain UK welcomes the NICE published consultation on their DRAFT guideline for the management of chronic primary pain. Pain UK will be working with its members to respond to NICE. We understand that people who live with chronic primary pain may be concerned by some of the headlines around the draft guideline, we will be sending out …

Recognising endometriosis is the secret to early treatment

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We hope that none of our readers will have daughters/grandaughters with endometriosis.  Perhaps this piece from Endometriosis UK will help you to recognise the problem if it arises in a girl you know. Whilst the majority of endo diagnoses are made in adult women, it is becoming apparent that, endometriosis is a disease of adulthood that has its onset in adolescence.  …

Get “text donations” sent to you for free by JustTextGiving

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Recently, our trustees have been asking if there was any need for our charity to have a ‘giving’ page for people who want to raise money from friends and relatives when they do a run/climb/swim/ride, etc.  The cost of setting up such a page, and the on-going costs of each donation had put us off.  Then we learnt of two CHEAP/FREE on-line fundraising …

Get university staff to adopt your charity

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Marfan Syndrome UK have developed a great relationship with Stirling University Staff.  Why not find out if a university near you has any sort of support for charities?  From a poster in the common room about a challenge, to being a charity that students raise money for on ‘rag day’ – once you have made the contact, this can be a year-on-year source …

VPS Super Workshop: Saturday 9 May 2015

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The Vulval Pain Society Super Workshop will be held on Saturday 9 May 2015 in the Lecture theatre, BO1, basement of The Clore Management Centre, Torrington Square, Bloomsbury, London, WC1E 7JLmap Registration is at 9.00 am and the day will end at 4.00 pm. This  event  is  geared  towards  women  with  vulval  pain  and  their partners while  health professionals  are  …