Get university staff to adopt your charity

admin Marfan Syndrome

Marfan Syndrome UK have developed a great relationship with Stirling University Staff.  Why not find out if a university near you has any sort of support for charities?  From a poster in the common room about a challenge, to being a charity that students raise money for on ‘rag day’ – once you have made the contact, this can be a year-on-year source of funding.

On 17th November, [two of us] attended the Stirling University Staff Charities Far representing the Marfan Association UK.  For some years the Association has received funding from the University Staff Charities Fund, which has been greatly appreciated.  Chariest are nominate by individual staff members and attending the Christmas Fair gives us a chance to explain the need for and the very good work of the Association to other staff members.

We were made very welcome and joined the twenty off charities in the atrium of the university.  We spoke to many people, most of whom had no awareness of Marfan syndrome, emphasising the difference their support made and handing out information and literature.  Having previously been at this event by myself, having another member with me meant that we were any to talk in depth with many more people.

– by Christine Drennan