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Astriid’s mission is to help people with long-term conditions find meaningful work.

About Astriid

Our online platform matches talented candidates with prospective employers, providing accessible work opportunities for those who are seeking them. In this way, we hope to make the Invisible Talent Pool (people who have long-term conditions but who wish to use their skills and experience in work), Visible.

Founded by David Shutts OBE following his cancer diagnosis, we believe that the value of work is far more than the wages paid. Employment provides routine, a sense of normality, challenges and rewards, and when approached correctly, can also facilitate a greater sense of wellbeing. Astriid bridges the gap between businesses and skilled professionals who have long-term health issues.

What do we do?

  • We match talented chronically ill workers with inclusive employment opportunities suitable for their needs.
  • We appeal directly to leading businesses and corporations, introducing them to case studies showcasing the skills of the ‘Invisible Talent Pool’ and the value such people could add to their organisation.
  • We raise awareness of the numerous barriers those with long-term conditions face in the employment and recruitment sector, and how these issues could be overcome.
  • We produce bespoke informational content designed for chronically ill people currently seeking work.
  • We encourage the wider public to support and engage with our aims by appealing for their support and encouragement. Donations and fundraising efforts sustain our work and can make all the difference!


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