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Lipoedema UK was founded in 2012 by women with lipoedema, and the Lymphoedema Service at St George’s Hospital in London.

Our focus is to educate doctors, health professionals and the public about Lipoedema and its symptoms, so it may be diagnosed and treated earlier.

Because Lipoedema is frequently mistaken for obesity or lymphoedema, many women don’t get appropriate advice or treatment – a state of affairs we are on a mission to change.

Our belief is that with earlier diagnosis and treatment women can prevent developing further complications and manage their Lipoedema.

We also provide information about Lipoedema to our members and health professionals, report on research findings and commission our own research.

Lipoedema UK intend to attend all appropriate major medical conferences to represent Lipoedema UK’s and the patient’s point of view to encourage research and interest in the condition.

Lipoedema – the simple facts

Lipoedema is almost certainly a genetic inherited condition because there is often more than one family member affected. It is thought to only affect women but there are very rare reports of men with similar signs and symptoms

The symptoms most often develop at puberty although Lipoedema has been known to appear during and after pregnancy or at the menopause.

In Lipoedema, the hips, buttocks, legs and sometimes upper arms, are out of proportion with the rest of the body.

Unlike normal weight gain caused by over-eating or lack of exercise, Lipoedema fat often (but not always) can be painful or feel heavy and hurt when banged or scraped, even gently. It also can bruise easily and many women experience multiple frequent bruising. There doesn’t appear to be any correlation between size of areas effected and how painful it is.

Lipoedema looks and feels different to normal body fat or lymphoedema, feeling soft and dimpled, like cellulite.

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We are committed to creating a brighter future for our members and their families. By becoming a member, you’re about to play a vital role in our work.

Individual Membership Benefits include:

  • Lipoedema UK’s GP Information Pack with leaflets and information on resources to share with your GP
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  • additional leaflets and information to help patients and health professionals manage lipoedema
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  • Lipoedema UK Awareness/Fundraising posters, badges & postcards

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