Paget's Association

Paget’s Association

The Paget’s Association is the only UK charity to focus solely on Paget’s disease of bone. It acts as a resource for those with the condition, the public and health professionals, offering high quality information and support when necessary.

The charity was founded in 1973 by Ann Stansfield MBE, who was driven by a lack of understanding and interest in the treatment of her husband who had Paget’s disease.

Patrons of the charity are The Lord Stamp Lt., Colonel Sir Julian Paget, Mr Henry Paget and Mr Recardo Patrick.
Professor Roger Francis is Chairman of the Board of Trustees which comprises health professionals and lay persons.

This information is intended to offer basic information regarding Paget’s disease of bone. It provides sufficient information to aid discussion regarding management of Paget’s disease. Further information can be obtained from the Paget’s Association.

Paget’s disease

  • Paget’s disease is a bone disorder in which the normal repair process is disrupted it often causes no symptoms and may be found by chance
  • For those with symptoms these may include pain, deformity and fracture
  • Occurring more commonly with advancing age, it rarely occurs in those under 50
  • In the UK, it presents in approximately 8% of men and 5% of women, by the age of 80 years
  • Over the past 25 years both the prevalence and severity of Paget’s disease has decreased
  • Either single or multiple bones may be affected with common sites being the spine, skull, pelvis and thigh (femur)
  • Treatment with drugs (bisphosphonates) will control the disease

The Paget’s Association encourages research into all aspects of Paget’s Disease. Please visit their website for more information.

Contact Paget’s Association

Do you have a problem with Paget’s Disease?

Would it help to talk to an experienced nurse about the problem?

If so why not contact our new helpline run by Diana Wilkinson, Specialist Paget’s Nurse. The service is open to people with Paget’s disease, family members and carers and also to healthcare professionals.

You can contact Diana in complete confidence at the Paget’s Association office:

  • By telephone on 0161 799 4646
  • By letter to:
    The Paget’s Association
    Suite 5
    Moorfield House
    Moorside Road
    M27 0EW
  • or E-mail:


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