Oliver Shaw | Trustee

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Email: oliver@painuk.org

Professional Background and Expertise:

A veteran Personal Injury Solicitor with over two decades of experience, Oliver specialises in complex personal injury claims, and brings to the table a robust skill set in operational management, strategic negotiation, and client relationship management. This skill set is complemented by a deep commitment to operational transformation and governance.


Oliver Shaw

Personal Connection to Pain UK:

Oliver’s journey with Pain UK begins with a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges faced by individuals suffering from acquired pain conditions. This understanding is grounded in years of advocating for clients with life-altering injuries, where he has witnessed firsthand the long-term impact of pain on individuals and their families. His personal connection to the cause is further deepened by Oliver’s commitment to enhancing the support and aid available to those grappling with pain.

Commitment to the Cause:

Joining Pain UK as a Trustee, Oliver seeks to leverage this experience to further the charity’s mission. His dedicated to advocating for better support and resources for individuals living with pain and contributing to the broader conversation around living with pain. Oliver aims to bring his unique perspective to the board, informed by a career dedicated to fighting for the rights of those impacted by life-changing injuries.

Personal Interests:

Outside of his professional life, Oliver enjoys spending time with his children, engaging in fitness activities and following the development of, and investing in, new technology.

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