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Marian Nicholson| Trustee

  • Marian Nicholson

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    Email: marian@painuk.org

  • Marian Nicholson has been Director of the Shingles Support Society since it was formed in 1996. SSS is a sub-group of the Herpes Viruses Association.  It supplies self-help information and drug treatment details to people with shingles and post-herpetic conditions through its website, helpline and 19 page information pack.

    Before joining the SSS, Marian trained as an interior designer and held a range of jobs in locations as diverse as Paris and the Caribbean.

    Marian was a founder member of Pain UK and has been an active member of the Board, serving as Chair of the Membership sub-committee. She has also promoted the issue of pain at many external events. She represents pain charities in Europe as a Board member of Pain Alliance Europe.

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