5 Easy Crafting ideas for Arthritic Hands

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Arthritis is a common condition that causes pain and swelling in the joints. It can affect people of all ages and can make everyday activities difficult. Fortunately, we have plenty of enjoyable crafting ideas for those with arthritis. Not only do they provide an outlet for creativity, but they’re also fun and relaxing activities that can be done at home or in a group setting. Crafting also has the potential to improve dexterity, strengthen muscles around the joint area, reduce stress levels, boost moods and self-esteem.

Consider a comfortable chair or stool with armrests if you will be sitting for long periods of time. An adjustable lamp is useful for lighting up your workspace and avoiding strain on the eyes when working on detailed pages.

Clay sculpting

Clay sculpting has health benefits and is a rewarding hobby that can be pursued by anyone. For people with arthritis, however, it’s important to take extra precautions when clay sculpting in order to reduce the strain on your joints.

The first step is to select an appropriate type of clay. Soft clays are better than hard or firm clays because they require less pressure and force to shape them into the desired form. Also, oil-based modelling clays tend to be easier on the hands than water-based ones.

When it comes time to begin shaping the clay, one trick for reducing joint stress is using tools such as rolling pins or rubber mallets to press and flatten the clay. Doing this will keep you from having to use your hands directly, which reduces strain on the affected joints.

It’s also important to take frequent breaks when sculpting so that your hands have time to rest and recover. Taking breaks every 15 minutes or so can be a big help in reducing joint pain and stiffness. Additionally, using supportive gloves or splints during long periods of clay sculpting can further reduce discomfort.

Personalised coasters

Crafting your own coasters is a great way to add a personal touch. Making coasters can be an enjoyable and therapeutic activity that you can do in the comfort of your home. Here are some tips on how to craft your own custom-made coasters:

  1. Choose cushiony material like foam, rubber or cork for the base of your coaster. The thickness of the material should be enough to provide a comfortable surface for resting mugs, but it should also be light enough so that it won’t put too much strain on your joints when lifting them up and down.
  2. Pick out fabrics, paints, or adornments that represent your style. You want to make sure you have something to look forward to when crafting your own custom-made coasters!
  3. If painting is more your thing, opt for paint pens or markers rather than standard brushes in order to reduce the strain on your joints.
  4. Make sure to apply a layer of sealant over the fabrics and paints before use in order to protect them from future wear and tear.

Candle bending

Candle bending crafts have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for those with arthritic hands it can be a great activity to take part in. Here are some tips on how to get started:

  1. Choose the right candle – look for candles made from natural wax such as beeswax or soy wax, as these will be easier to work with than paraffin.
  2. Soften the candle before you start – gently heat the candle either by placing it in warm water make sure to use safety precautions and equipment, before you begin bending it. This will make it more pliable and easy to shape.
  3. Use tools to help hold the candle – use tongs, clips or clamps to help hold the candle steady while you are moulding it. This will make it easier to work with and manipulate the wax effectively.
  4. Take your time – don’t rush when bending and shaping the candle, as this could cause you to strain your joints or muscles. If at any point you start to feel discomfort or pain, take a break and come back to it later when you feel ready, just pop the candle back in the warm water and start again!
  5. Add decorations – once you have created your desired shape for the candle, why not add some decorations? Add a bit of colour with paint or even use ribbons and bows for something extra special!

Scrap books

Scrapbooking can be an enjoyable hobby. Fortunately, there are ways to make scrapbooking easier and still fun even with the challenges that come with arthritis.

One way of making scrapbooking easier is by using tools designed specifically for those with arthritis. These tools include scissors with ergonomic handles and adjustable blades; adhesive applicators which come in different sizes; paper cutters; single-handed punches; large-handled stamps and other aids that help reduce strain on the hands while still creating beautiful projects.

In addition to these physical tools, there are also many digital scrapbooking tools available online that allow you to create beautiful projects without needing any manual dexterity. Many sites feature pre-made templates that can be quickly filled in with photos, text and embellishments so all you have to do is drag and drop items onto the page. You can also find apps that let you take photos directly from your phone and turn them into custom projects in just a few clicks.

Mason jar succulents

Mason jar succulents are the perfect way to bring some greenery into your home and get crafting. Succulents are low-maintenance and can easily thrive indoors or outdoors. With a few simple supplies, you can make your own mason jar succulent garden in no time!

Begin by gathering all your supplies. You will need an old mason jar (or any size glass jar), soil, your chosen succulent, paint, ribbons, or anything else you want to add to the exterior of the jar. There is no right or wrong way when crafting, make your mason jar as creative as you want. Once the DIY process is over, it is then time to add your plant. Remember to take breaks between tasks to avoid unwanted joint pain.

Arthritis can have a tremendous effect on the person living with it; it can affect you both physically and emotionally. Crafting can be a great way to relax and express your creativity, With the right techniques and tools, crafting with arthritic hands can be made easy and enjoyable with these 5 fantastic ideas.

Rosie Buckley