Something Chronic

Something Chronic

Something Chronic: Reimagining Chronic Pain Through The Arts, dedicated to changing the experience of chronic pain by harnessing the raw power of the Arts.

We offer Free art’s workshops, events and inclusive arts-based social media.

Something Chronic provides a space where people who experience long-term pain can reclaim their voice and bodies through creativity.

“Art changes people and people change the world”

John Butler, singer-songwriter and producer.

Art in all its forms has always been at the forefront of social change. Music, fashion, film and theatre act as the signal posts in how we view history.

We recognised a communication problem at the heart of living with long-term invisible pain. Feelings of loneliness, mistrust, frustration and guilt often develop and grow unchecked.

We wanted to challenge this, but we are not lobbyists or medics but creative’s. We can’t take away pain or revolutionise the research and training of the medical field, nor can we reach every individual. However,  through art, we can make the invisible visible. We can offer creativity to those who may have lost sight of this side of themselves due to pain. In doing so,  we truly believe we will be changing the world.

Visit our website and social media to find out about our inclusive, empowering workshops and thought-provoking artworks. Get involved and join the conversation.  

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Post: 168 Main Road, Long Hanborough, Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 8JY


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