Migraine Action

Migraine Action

 Migraine Action is a registered national charity which, for over 50 years, has been providing support to those affected by migraine, whether individuals, families, employers or employees and medical professionals.


We do this by providing:

  • Advice (whether on the phone, online or in person).
  • Information (through booklets, our websites, including specific sites for young migraineurs, and the support of a nurse specialist on our dedicated helplines).
  • Research (collaborating with academic institutions in order to understand the causes of, and reduce the impact of migraine).
  • Providing a link between medical professionals and those who are affected by migraine.

Through our advisory services we help migraineurs to take control of their migraine and reduce its impact, both in their home life and in the workplace.

Please visit the relevant areas of the website for further details of our services for migraineurs or get in touch to find out more.

  • Migraine Action is the UK’s leading support charity for people affected by migraine.


    • Gather and pass on information about treatments and management techniques available for the control and relief of migraine, and facilitate an exchange of information on the subject.
    • Provide friendly, positive reassurance, understanding and encouragement to migraineurs and their families to help reduce the impact of migraine.
    • Work with employers and employees to reduce the impact of migraine in the workplace.
    • Campaign and lobby government, industry bodies and scientific organisations on issues affecting the lives and well being of migraineurs.
    • Act as ‘the voice of migraineurs’ throughout the UK, highlighting the realities of living with migraine, increasing understanding of this misunderstood condition and raising its profile through our work in the media.
    • Encourage the opening of specialist headache clinics and support their work.Encourage, support and help to raise funds for research and investigation into migraine, its causes, diagnosis and treatment.
    • Enable migraineurs to share experiences in numerous ways, including at our patient support and education days and facilitate the setting up of support group meetings around the UK.

    • Help you to understand and manage your migraine more effectively, such as helping you identify your trigger factors and early warning signs.
    • Eliminate feelings of isolation by providing support and keeping you in touch with other migraineurs, including a penpal service which can put you in touch with those with similar experiences and through articles and feedback in our members’ magazine, Challenging Migraine.*
    • Provide information on various aspects of migraine in over 100 different Department of Health accredited booklets, including details of the latest treatments to help bring your condition under control.
    • Keep you informed about the latest migraine research.Highlight volunteer appeals by specialists in the field for clinical research trials and other studies.
    • Provide access to web forums including an ‘Ask the experts’ area to help you speak to other migraineurs and specialists.*Help you to find the best way forward with regards to treatment and management via our Specialist Headache Nurse telephone service.*

    All of our services are made possible through donations and by people becoming members of Migraine Action.

 Contact Migraine Action If you need to get in touch with us or would like to visit our office in Leicester, all of our contact information is below. Click here to view a map of our location.

Forgotten your password? If you have forgotten your password or membership number please submit an online request using the form on the right.

 By Phone
Between 10:00am – 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.
Telephone: 0116 275 8317Migraine Action’s helpline provides support and information to sufferers, friends, family, employers and carers. We can provide information to help you learn more about the condition and how to manage it.The helpline is staffed by trained advisors who can provide the time to talk things through, listen and be the source of support and advice for you.
By Email
You can contact us for a range of queries via our online form on the right. Please select an area from the list below and fill out our enquiry form. Alternatively, you can email the office on info@migraine.org.uk

If your email was sent over a weekend period, please note that we will only respond in office hours.

By Post
Please send your letters to our postal address:
4th Floor, 27 East Street, Leicester, LE1 6NB



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