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  • Nicki lives with pain, she was diagnosed with 2 chronic conditions about 2 years ago, however suffered a lot longer without diagnosis. She has attended an Expert Patient Programme and several other self-management courses to enable her to learn how to live her life with pain as a part of it, rather than the other way around

    She was fortunate enough to meet Antony back in April 2017 at her GP surgery where she attended one of Antony’s presentations, and was inspired and they got talking. They discussed introducing a pain group for people who suffer with any type of pain, so they started…

    With her background being finance Antony approached her about becoming a Trustee of Pain UK and the treasurer. She accepted and has been involved with the charity ever since.
    They have all been working hard since the last AGM to promote Pain UK and update all the information to give the people that they are trying to reach the best possible chance of help.

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