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Jess’ journey with pain started at 17 years old and she has since undergone various treatments but still lives with pain today. She had the privilege to attend an intensive 6-week residential pain course at the Walton Pain Clinic in 2019, in addition to physiotherapy and hydrotherapy at the local orthopaedic hospital.

Jess is now pursuing a new career path as an Assistive Technologist. The role involves providing and teaching those with paralysis, caused by spinal cord injuries, how to use adapted technology. This gives patients a sense of normality in their lives.

As well as this she loves to eat out and spend time with friends and family. Over the past two years with Pain UK, Jess started as a volunteer administrator, then elected as a trustee, soon after voted on as Chair elect and then progressed into the Chair position in November 2022. As well as working for Pain UK, Jess has spent the last 5 years tutoring GCSE mathematics to children aged 11-16 years.

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