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  • My name is Edith and I live each day challenged by Chronic Pain. The event leading to this happened a long time ago 1985. I lost my career my husband my home and my friends over a period of a few years and would have lost my life had it not been that I decided to fight.

    My lowest point came when alone in the house I decided to have a bath, hot water being my only relief at that time. I got stuck, was there until morning when the post man realizing I needed help pulled me out of the bath. That day I lost my remaining dignity as well. I wanted to leave all this behind, but then I thought if I do that, then others will be left in the same position and I couldn’t face that either. So fight I did and gradually, although still challenged with chronic pain, I try to help others to get the help they need. Pain uk is not well known in Scotland and can guide so many people to the charities that could help them get the help and advice and support they need faster and in an easier way.

    I have worked with a charity before. I ran make a wish foundation for Scotland as a volunteer. I did everything from fundraising to raising awareness to guiding children to the charity, granted wishes and represented the charity at the funerals that were the inevitable outcome for these children.

    So I can bring to you that drive and will to grow the charity to the ultimate good of the people who are challenged by chronic Pain

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