Antony Chuter | Trustee

Antony Chuter

Antony Chuter has himself lived with chronic pain for the past 22 yrs. At first living with pain destroyed his life. At 21 he lost his job, home and partner due to the wide ranging effects of living with pain.

A decade later he attended the Expert Patient Programme course and became much better at being a ‘Self manager’ of his long term conditions. He joined the patient group at the Royal College of General Practitioners and later was elected chair of the group. He completed his term of office at the RCGP and discovered the British Pain Society and Pain UK. He took over the chair of the BPS Patient Liaison Committee and also became a trustee here at Pain UK.

Antony was chair of Pain UK from December 2013 to October 20022. He believes in the power of research and evidence to change hearts and minds about the effects and impact of living with pain.


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